HEGA carbon adsorbers

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CTC-A-series adsorbers

The CTC-A-series adsorber cell is a gas phase filter. A-series adsorbers are designed to maximize the open face area of the filter in order to lower the pressure drop and expose more carbon to the contaminated airstream. All A-series adsorbers are fabricated from T304 stainless steel and have a minimum mechanical efficiency of 99.9%. These filters come in both gasket and gel seal. Each filter cell is designed , manufactured, filled and tested to meet or exceed the intent of IES-RP-CC-008-84. Test reports and carbon information are available upon request.

Many different carbons are available for specific applications.

Standard CTC-A series adsorbers
Model Size (in) number of beds bed depth(in)
CTC-A-12 24x24x11.5 10 1
CTC-A-16 24x24x16 6 2
CTC-A-18 24 x 24x18 6 2


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