BI/BO Containment housings

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Standard features:

All containment housings are manufactured following a strict quality assurance program meeting all the requirements of ASME NQA-1. All welds and welders are qualified in accordance with ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section IX.

Bagging Collar: Standard two-rib design allowing for all subsequent filter change-outs to be accomplished using change-out bags.

Door Alignment Supports: All full-size isolation housings are equipped with door alignment ports to support the weight of the door while aligning fasteners.

LEAFLOK Clamp Mechanism: The mechanism exerts a spring-loaded force on the filter element. This constant force compensates for relaxation of the filter gasket over time.

Static Pressure Ports: Standard on all isolation housings, these ports are used to install differential pressure gauges.

Tamper-Proof Door: The  door extends over the clamp mechanism operators, which prevents tampering with the mechanism without the intent of changing filters.

Other Features: 2" Prefilter Channel, Door Handle, Identification Nameplate.

Optional Features:

Magnehelic Gauge: The differential pressure reading will indicate when the particulate filter requires changing.

Weather Cap: When housings are located outdoors, a weather cap is recommended to prevent debris build-up on the housing.

Lifting Lugs: Provided to allow cable attachments when lifting the units onto roof tops or other structures.

Skid Mounting: Custom skid mounting can adjust the housing elevation to meet various dimensions.

Transitions: Inlet and outlet transitions can be added to meet field dimensions.

Isolation / Control Dampers: Additional flow control and shut-off capability can be achieved by installing control dampers.

Custom Filter Trains: Housings are attached in series to remove various contaminants.

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